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Understanding Vikings Gold slot tricks

Do you want to know all the Vikings Gold slot tricks that will make you sweep? The popular slot contains some peculiarities compared to other slots, such as the absence of free spins in the main game. But in turn, you will enjoy minigames and extra bonuses that will make you have a great time. We present you with all the details!

The slot games Gold Vikings are probably one of the most popular slots games. It has always been a very epic civilization that has attracted attention on the big screen, as well as in all kinds of novels. So it comes as no surprise that they were all the rage once they entered the casino world. If you love them too, don’t miss our Vikings slot tricks. Now, before getting fully into the Vikings slot tricks, we must understand very well how they work.

How does the Vikings slot work?

You may love Nordic history, but we are convinced that if the Vikings slot does not offer you guarantees in terms of game operation, you will pass by. Here we have good news: the slot starring a couple of Vikings is a very interesting play for lovers of online slots. What are the most important details?

  • Has 3 reels with a single payline
  • Your RTP is 96.05%
  • There are no free spins in the game itself, but there is an extra bonus in the form of minigames
  • Average volatility

Minigames? Yes, exactly, one of the peculiarities of the Vikings games in the slot machines is that it has a “double” game. There is a main screen as in all slot machines, but there is also a superior game, with four mini-games that carry bonuses or other benefits.

Vikings Slot Cheats: Master the Minigames

Probably the trick of Vikings slots is to control the mini-games. When they will be activated and why, and knowing how to get the most out of them. In total, there are 4 and they fulfill different functions, in terms of extra spins, prizes or multipliers:

The Helmets Game: If you get three helmets, you will enter a mini-game, where you must select a helmet. One of them may contain a great prize!

Multiplying shields minigame: With three shields you can access this minigame. In it, you must choose shields that will act as multipliers in your earnings.

The Ships: If you complete three ships, you will enter another mini-game. In it, there will be three ships with a prize hidden in one of them. If you find it, you’ll be in luck!

The Pinball: With three axes in the main game, you will activate a minigame where you will get extra spins.

Advanced Tips: Your Vikings Slot Tricks

From the outset, we know that one of the most important tricks for slot machines before starting to play are two: the personal budget and the payout percentages. Beyond the money you have to play, you should know that the payout percentage of this slot is very good (96.05%). The lower limit is usually 90% and they never go above 100% so that’s significantly fine. Few Vikings slot tricks will help you if the payout percentages are bad!

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