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How to win at slot machines

You’ve come this far for a reason, and it’s not exactly to explain how much fun it is to play slot machines. You are here because you want to know how to win at slot machines. If so, you are in the indicated post.

First of all, think that with the advent of online casinos, slot machines have opened up a world full of opportunities. Now you can play quietly from home with any device that has an internet connection, be it a laptop, mobile or tablet.

Discover how to win at slot machines with these 5 tips

Before betting big, learn: a priori it is easy to play slot machines, it is to press the little button and pray for a winning combination. But if you have played more than once you will know very well that this is not the case, it is a bit more complex. You have to play many times to learn the operation well and to know which types of pay lines are the most beneficial.

Take advantage of the bonuses and exclusive offers: this is the good thing about online casinos, which from time to time give you very interesting offers. 

Slots with small jackpots, much better: obviously winning a jackpot is the best, but we cannot just blind ourselves in getting it. Sometimes it is better to win little by little with machines that have smaller jackpots. More than anything because they tend to play more frequently. Try it and tell me in the comments.

BEWARE of the winnings: especially in online slots. Think that when you are on a streak it is much easier than getting carried away by euphoria. Right at that moment you think your bankroll will never end, but it does. Stopping in time is always a victory. Imagine taking a good slice and losing it in a few minutes, it’s not nice. So you better be smart and plan before you win than to do with your winnings. 

Sometimes a break is necessary: when you are immersed in a losing streak it is better to take a break and change your strategy. Otherwise the only thing you will get is to lose your mind and lose even more money. Good players know how to stop on time.

There are four types of online slots

Although it may seem like it, not all slot machines are the same. There are differences, and depending on the type of player you are you may be more interested in one than the other. That is why it is so important to know well the different types of online slots:


They are the traditional slot machines, the ones we can find in the bar below the house. With only three reels there is less chance of winning prizes, therefore winning the jackpot becomes more difficult. For this reason, several pay lines are entered (between 1 and 9) and bets usually do not exceed three coins.

5 rollers

Logically they arose as a result of the three-reel slots, and today they are the main attraction of the casinos. In this case, the chances of success are higher, they have more pay lines (up to 100 depending on the machine) and the jackpots are much more attractive. So if you like to win and play a bit longer, the five reel is for you.

With progressive jackpot

Basically the objective of this type of slot is to win the jackpot, or what is the same, the progressive jackpot. The only way to qualify for the prize prize is by making the maximum bet that the machine in question allows. Surely we will leave a little more money, but the prize deserves it. By the way, they can be three or five rollers.


Without a doubt, the most modern. These video slots also have something special, they offer an extra game in addition to the typical spinning of the reels, which can be three or five. When we get a certain combination, this “bonus” is automatically activated and we have the opportunity to multiply the winnings. If you have not tried it yet, it is highly recommended.

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