CHIQUITO slot combos and jackpots

Chiquito and Torrente Slots review

If we did a survey to find out which are the most beloved characters of the last 25 years, we would have the protagonists of this post in the TOP 10. Sure! And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the podium of honor. So it is not surprising that they have their own version of the casino game. We are talking about the Chiquito slots and the Torrente slot.

The normal thing would be that you already know these two media characters, but not so much that you know that Casino has these games in its online slots section.

Chiquito Slots: the most peculiar humor

The Chiquito de la Calzada Slot has been a bombshell since its arrival at Casino’s online slots. Who has not imitated the longed for humorist at some time? Fistro, Sinner! Exactly, he was present on television for so long that his peculiar humor is part of our sense of humor.

The Chiquito slot machine maintains the charisma of its protagonist. While playing the game, you will hear some of Chiquito’s quirky comic phrases. The sound is the classic of the bars.

The small slot is made by the casino games company MGA using a version similar to the slot machines in bars. That is, with three reels, a single prize row and the traditional Advance, Bet and Play buttons. And the one that you most want to play for sure: the Charge.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the Chiquito slot dynamics, so similar to traditional fruit slot machines. The Chiquito slot machine hides Bonuses and Extra Games. With the figure F, from its most well-known word: Fistro, the move to a new game is achieved: a different Chiquito slot machine that acts as a bonus game. This is when you can discover Chiquito dressed as his different movies. It has, in turn, 4 minigames.

Torrent slots: the rogue detective

Since its arrival at Casino, the Torrente slot machine has been one of the slots with the most players. It joins that it is starring one of the best known characters in USA cinema. So much so that its second part is the 6th movie with the most viewers in the history of USA cinema with more than 5 million. 

The Torrente slot machine is made by Playtech and it shows that they have wanted to make a strong bet for this slot game. The graphics, the sound, the extra games… If you like slots, Torrente will be one of your favorites. The game itself is 5 reel and has 25 pay lines.

Within the dynamics of the Torrente slot game, it must be taken into account that it offers players two types of extras: the Eurovegas Operation Bonus and the Hotel Paradise free games.

The Hotel Paradise game is achieved when the WILD symbol appears simultaneously on the center reels, that is, on reels two, three and four. This offers you the possibility of 15 games with a multiplier x3 in the prizes. In the case of the Eurovegas Operation Bonus, its symbol appears when simultaneously anywhere in the Torrente slot machine and you will immediately receive a prize.

In addition, we explain how to play and win at slots  and remind you that the best way to learn is by playing. And free! You just have to register to be able to play these online slots for free.

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