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The best online casinos to gamble with bitcoin (2020)

Key facts:

Choosing a good online casino is difficult, so we address 7 criteria that make the job easier.

We also show a list of the 7 best Bitcoin casinos that currently exist.

Since its appearance, gambling has remained present in the interest of people, its growth has always been constant, as well as its evolution, demonstrating that the desire to gamble is always awake in us in some way or another. Recent studies indicate that 2 out of 3 people practice some type of bet on a regular basis.

In the specific case of online casinos, if we add to this trend elements typical of Bitcoin such as: privacy, speed, ease of mobilizing funds, transparency and security, it becomes clear that casinos are not only gaining ground today More than ever as an industry, they have started an unstoppable movement of growth online.

In this article we will develop the points that we consider most important to take into account when choosing an online casino, and we will give a list of sites evaluated under these criteria that we hope will be useful to choose the best bitcoin online casino.

How to choose a Bitcoin online casino?

The online casino ecosystem is currently huge and within it there are an incredible variety of options, so knowing how to choose the best proposal among all can be a difficult task on some occasions, but essential; however, there are elements that can make this task much easier.

Aspects such as legality, age and reputation, in addition to others such as the quality of the platform, the design of the site, the variety of games and the support are always important when choosing a bitcoin casino. Let’s see.

Variety of Games

This first point is important because, as users, must seek casinos that offer games that we like. And not only that, we need them to have a wide variety of games that adapt to our preferences, such as specific games, modalities, game developers and much more.

Before registering in a bitcoin casino, it is important to look at the types of games that the casino has to know that we are in the right place. Some of the most sought after gaming options are slots, craps, blackjack, live casino, bingo, scratch cards, sports, roulette, among others, and many casinos usually offer them all in the same place.

Although it is a meticulous action, it is also important to take into consideration the companies that provide and develop the games, since although there are many, as in all areas, there is a portion that stands out above the rest. In this case, the most prominent developers within this ecosystem are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Elk Studios, IGT, Realtime Gaming and Scientific Games.

In short, the variety of games guarantees us an enjoyable experience for much longer, as well as greater chances of winning in any of these games, while the experience and reputation of the game developers guarantees quality and reliable entertainment.

Site layout

The design of the site is a point that should always be taken into account since it will facilitate or complicate the choice of games, playability and enjoyment of the experience in general.

It is important that the site has a visually pleasing design and a friendly interface for the user, where everything is well located and identified and is easy to use; additionally it is important that its loading time is optimal.

As an extra detail, language plays an essential role, because, although most of the casinos are in English, not all of them provide versions of their site in Spanish. To the reader’s relief, we have thought about this detail in the list at the end.

Welcome promotions, jackpots and tournaments

It is important to pay attention to the promotions that a Bitcoin casino can offer us from the moment of our registration, but we also have to know how to identify if they are really attractive or not.

In this sense, a casino may offer a hefty welcome bonus, but it is conditional on meeting certain requirements that may not be favorable, such as additional charges or commissions; It may also be that, on the contrary, the welcome bonus offers us the possibility of playing with less investment, or even without having to invest initially, so it is always advisable to review the terms and conditions of each promotion.

We must also take into account the values  added to the experience at the time of our choice, such as the additional prizes (accumulated pots, jackpots or Jackpots) that have the potential to drastically skyrocket our winnings.

The tournaments Poker or blackjack out among these added values, they are a method that adds fun and excitement to those who enjoy the skills against others and can be a source of additional revenue.

Demonstrably fair games

A compelling reason to take into account when choosing a casino is that it has games that have this feature. The games demonstrably fair represent the paradigm shift between the way that online gambling is perceived and how now to be perceived by the bitcoin technology and transparency that it guarantees.

The games are based on a blockchain where bets are encrypted so that both the casino and the player do not know the result until the round has been played. This means that the player and the casino have no way of knowing the outcome of each bet before it is placed, giving the player the peace of mind that they are not being cheated.

All this happens thanks to an algorithm that allows to verify that the results of the game have been fair in real time.

The process is based on three fundamental elements, and these are: a random number generator that is responsible for producing millions of numbers per second and decides the outcome of the game, a seed generator that is responsible for creating the numbers that will feed the algorithm and finally the hashing that is in charge of encrypting the seed numbers.

The casino creates a seed number which is then encrypted and sent in this way to the player, then the player assigns his own seed number, runs the bet and the outcome is decided. Once this is determined, the player receives the seed used in the bet and in this way can verify the play.

Age and legality of the casino

Seniority is another point to consider when selecting a bitcoin casino, since, generally, permanence in time is a synonym of good results and satisfied users. In addition, if the casino is licensed, it is an element that adds legal security for users.

The licensed casino is governed by a regulatory body, so it will always seek the payment of the profits obtained by its users, because otherwise, as users, we would have the possibility to contact this regulatory body and file a claim, which if demonstrated valid could trigger dire consequences for the casino.

Ease of withdrawal of funds and used cryptocurrencies

One of the most notable advantages of Bitcoin casinos is the fact that the vast majority of funds can be deposited or withdrawn in a matter of minutes thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies ( something that did not happen in traditional platforms where these processes could take days ) and thanks to this start or stop playing quickly and smoothly.

Having a variety of payment methods in a casino is generally a good sign of soundness, openness and innovation. In the specific case of Bitcoin casinos, having the possibility to deposit or withdraw funds in multiple cryptocurrencies and even in fiat money, shows the interest on the part of the casino to please its regular and potential users.

It is important to review the terms and conditions of each casino to verify withdrawal and deposit times with cryptocurrencies or fiat and, subsequently, their compliance.

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