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The most popular casino games on the internet

What is your favorite casino game? It was hard for us to decide, but we have put together this top casino games. Discover the best games, the pros of each one and what you should keep in mind.

Luckily for the fans, the supply of casino games continues to grow. All you have to do is access our trusted online casino to see that we have an extensive catalog of slots, roulette tables or blackjacks, each game with its own characteristics and casino rules. What is the best online casino game? It is difficult to answer this question, since for color tastes, and it all depends on the preferences of each player. We are going to discover the best casino games, 10 casino games to win by trying the different modalities of slot machines, roulette or blackjack.

As you well know, each game has different variants. There are different types of roulette or blackjack, which also have several derivative games; not to mention the many slot options out there. We never tire of repeating the importance of knowing well each game and its rules, what the mechanism is, the pay lines and their relationship, etc. The fact that winning is relatively easy or that the gameplay is simple are two factors that help popularize the game.

Where do we find the best casino games to win money ? Contrary to what many people may believe, not all online casinos offer us the same games, and that is a question that we should take into account before choosing an online casino. The higher the offer, the easier it will be to enjoy the best games, but we have to be aware that some games or modalities are not available in all casinos.

In addition to the offer or the casino welcome bonus, you also have to consider the different options you have for playing a game. This is something that stands out especially in roulette, since in the same online casino we can find standard tables and VIP or Gold tables, with a higher bet limit. The same thing happens in blackjack, or with the jackpots of the slots. Some casinos have jackpot slots, some do not.

French roulette

If French roulette occupies number 1 in our ranking it is, firstly, because roulette is one of the most popular games in any online casino; and secondly, because the French is the original version of the game. It has derived in other modalities such as European or American, but both are versions of French roulette, this wheel with 37 numbers divided equally between black and red… except 0, which is green.

Part of its success lies in a very simple game mechanic : we bet where the ball lands, and if we get it right, we collect the prize. We can bet on the number, but to multiply the options to be victorious we have a lot of French roulette bets available: even / odd, red / black, pass / miss, dozens, columns, squares, streets… And we always have the possibility of making multiple bets covering a series of numbers. Of course, the more covered you have the table, the lower the winnings, so you have to find the balance.

Surely the only difficulty in French roulette is getting familiar with some multiple bets and their payouts, although the table is quite specific. You should also know the rules Le Partage and En Prision. When the ball lands on 0, the color or odd / even bets are unsolvable, so Le Partage is applied and the player recovers 50% of the money bet although in many online casinos En Prision is applied, retaining on the table some chips that can only be recovered in the next play.


A very easy game to understandThe most favorable roulette for the player


You have to know the rules Le Partage and En Prision

European roulette

One of the evolutions of French roulette is European roulette. We are facing a roulette with 37 figures, 18 red, 18 black and a green one, 0. One of the characteristics of European roulette is that it is played with special colored chips, and not with the value chips that we have in other games casino like French roulette itself, blackjack or poker. It is also a very popular game in any online casino where we find it, which are practically all those that operate.

The mechanics of the game are very easy to understand, and with two or three free spins of European roulette in demo mode we will become familiar with it. You have to predict in which square the ball will stop, and for this we have all kinds of bets, from the multiple with which we can cover half a table -or even more- to the single numbers. It is one of the most user-friendly games with an RTP of 97.3%, although it all depends on the strategy we follow.

It is often confused with French roulette, since the wheel is the same, but we have important differences, for example in the design of the mat, the use of chips or the resolution of simple bets (red / black, odd / even, high / low) when the ball lands on 0. In European roulette the rule In Prison rules, blocking the bet and being able to recover it on the next play. Technically, it would be a free bet since after the second spin it is not cashed.


Very simple game mechanics97.3% RTP


Sometimes confused with French roulette

American blackjack

One of the essential casino games is blackjack, and the American version is the most popular game. It is easy to find it with names like Atlantic City, and it is a duel between the player and the dealer with the sole objective of adding 21 points to the value of the cards. The dynamics is very simple, since the player receives two cards and must try to beat a bank that is obliged to ask for a card if he adds 16 or less and to stand when he adds 17 or more.

Hitting blackjack is not easy, but it is to beat the dealer. To do this, we can follow the basic blackjack strategy table that tells us when we should hit or stand if we want to beat the bank. At this point, it should be emphasized that counting cards at blackjack is a sterile strategy, especially if we play blackjack online. In movies it may work, but not in real life.

In American blackjack the Surrender rule is applied, which allows us to surrender and recover half of the initial bet if we suspect that the bank may have blackjack after seeing their discovered card and our initial hand is bad. We can play multi-hand American blackjack, managing several hands at the same time; and if we have the repeated letter we always have the possibility of dividing up to three times.


We can follow blackjack strategiesSimple and intuitive dynamics


Counting cards is of no use

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